About Us

Nemesis Knives founder, Jeff Hall, started in the cutlery and firearms industries as a manufacturer’s representative in 1988.

He continued to work in the industry as a sales rep. until 1997 when he met custom knife maker Ralph Freer in Seal Beach, CA.

Freer generously shared his knife making experience and Hall made and sold his first liner lock pocket knife in 1998.  Hall has enjoyed a steady demand for his work ever since.

Nemesis Knives was started in 2001 to augment Hall’s work as a full-time custom knife maker and to introduce interesting and functional tools to a wider audience.

To meet the growing demand of collectors and dealers over the years, Nemesis Knives has evolved from a boutique, semi-custom knife company to a full production knife company relying more and more on top-quality manufacturing in the U.S.A., Japan, and China.

The process starts with design, engineering, prototyping, and testing here in the U.S. at Nemesis. Then the manufacturing facility that is the best fit for each product is chosen. Finally, every knife we make passes our rigorous, in-house Quality Control process before it is packaged and shipped.

This new multi-source approach allows us to provide faster, more reliable service for a continually expanding product line that we believe offers tremendous value and variety to our customers.

The addition of the Mar Private Reserve (MPR) series of knives, and our continued interest in collaborating with the world’s top knife makers and designers, creates an unusually strong product pipeline for the foreseeable future.

One that we hope you will stop and check out here periodically.

Thanks for visiting our site. We appreciate everyone’s support.